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tv   11 News Sunday Morning  NBC  December 26, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> welcome to 11 news sunday morning. we want to take a a lookout side. >> or do we?
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>> i'm not sure. >> it looks and feels like it wants to snow out there. not yet. not here in town. he did the nose test. >> one of our observers sent us a nice picture here. about a half an inch overnight. he says good morning to you, sira. >> gr morning, george. >> he had a nice little sign there saying good morning to everybody. the eastern shore will be the big target for the snow. further west you go, the less a gother this storm will be. most of the eastern shore has some snow falling. accumulating snow, especially sent rl and south portions of south maryland. you move north and west of i 95, it really hasn't started up, it
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feel $like it wants to do that. let's look at the advisories and warnings that are out. >> purple area, winter storm warnings. the biggest snows are likely going to be in the northeast corner of the state and the eastern shore. up to a foot or more of snow there. once you get to the rest of the bay, i 95 maybe two, three, four inches of snow. some of you may not get anything. it is a wide range of snow in the forecast for today. everybody gets wind. a good reminder that it is winter time. details coming up. >> most of our viewing areas under winter weather advisory. with snow comes hazardous snow conditions. 11 news reporter joins us live
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not snowing anywhere here yet. the eastern shore getting hit pretty hard. the state highway administration is joining me with more on that. we've been out since 2:00 in the morning >> you can see some of the countier shots. we have passable lanes definitely a slow go this afternoon. we need to be careful. >> heading out to the beach, probably not such a great idea. >> if you are there, stay put. it is going to be a slow go.
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>> driving in this morning, i saw a bunch of trucks on the side of the road. we pretreed treated the last couple days. >> that east-west snow line looks like it won't have to go too far. crew also be able to respond accordingly. we are ready, we'll stay up on the clean up process. >> the eastern shore getting hit hard. we'll have the latest from the state operation center coming
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up. wbal tv 11 news. >> health officials are urging those who have to go out to wear multiple players of loose fitting clothing. with several inches of snow expected to fall, code blue alerts are issued. a list of shelters are on our website as well as getting the latest of flight and train cancellations. check out up to the minute severe weather alerts. we invite you to become a member to share your pibblingts and videos. >> the time is 9:06. it is 29 degrees. coming up, in our sunday business report. if you are looking for something new to cook this holiday season.
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my boys and i have the perfect thing. >> the storm is coming up the coast, getting closer to us
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j we are getting snow now on the eastern shores. getting some moderate zphow there at this stage of the game. it is just to the south of baltimore. the radar showing a little flurry activity. we've had a report of a couple of flurries. the snow isn't quite to i 95 yet. if you stand outside, it looks like it wants to snow. it will have crept into the city. moving north and getting
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heavier. we add wind on top of that. it will be quite an experience for some folks. looking outside with cloudy skies. i don't see any flurries there. 30 at airport, 31 at the inner harbor. 60%. pretty dry. this will be a dry, fluffy snow. it will drop like a rock later this afternoon. north winds at 10. the breeze has been picking up here but not much. getting wundy down in the lower portions of the bay already. college park is 32. 28, calm bridge, 29 in edge wood, 27 in stue waters town. still 18 out at oakland. a satellite radar combined.
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you can see we are in the baltimore area reaching right up to the south and southwest. the snow band is what you see. the heavier snows from the bay eastward. lighter or maybe even know snow westward. some areas from frederick west may get nothing at all with this storm. low pressure will be approaching cape hatteras and moving toward caped to. how close it is will control how much snow we get. for some of you east of the bray, it may be a block buster storm. west of the bay, blustery snow. the rest of the week we are under the influence of this high pressure. winter storm warning, purple
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shaded areas. west of us, west of i 95. things deteriorate as you move to the east. snow and wind, 6-12 inches of snow east. wide range, we have to do it that way to round things off a little bit. wind driven snow. blizzard-like conditions in some areas, especially out in new jersey. east of baltimore, you push towards six inches of snow that
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is the block buster part of the storm. 12-16 inches of snow in the city. pennsylvania, 2-4 inches. 4-6 it is a little bit of snow, enough to shove el here. middle to late afternoon. the snow will be east of us. it tapers off rapidly as we move to the west. frederick may end up with no snow at all or maybe only an inch. by monday another at 8 a.m. most of the snow is gone. the temperatures warm up considerablely. the highest snow chance today in the evening hours.
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windy day both days. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday a lot of sun. 40's year 50 by the end of the week. may bre 50 by the end of the day. >> we have the story without giving away the punch line. >> in 2005, he retired from his last job selling real estate. >> i got in to real estate and got outright before it was about to bust. >> he got an invitation to a show that would send his life in a hilarious direction. >> he took a comedy class. >> he was intrigued. he signed up for the course him receive. >> i thought let me give this a shot. did the class show.
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took off from there. four years later at the age of 65. he is finding success in his second career. >> i expected maybey at most half a page. >> he admits some of his humor may be lost on younger people. the baby boomers appreciate him. >> they don't want to go to a
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club using language they are not comfortable with. >> it is laughs. bar none, it's the laughs. >> what a fun success story. >> that takes a lot of guths. >> a lot ahead. looking at that as the only one around town.
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>> welcome back. time for the sunday guys report. >> good morning. how are you? >> great. when we go through all of this holiday season, you have all these things you want to get. what is the next thing? >> christmas is in the rearview mirror now. we have to now face that feeling in the pit of our stomach that we may have spent too much. >> what do you do? we need to recognize. the funny thing we need to see. december to remember, you are supposed to buy a christmas
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present. all the bells and whistles version of that vehicle costs $50 you,000. it's merry christmas and by the way, we have an $850 monthly payment. >> you are looking at this going, this would be good but? >> here is a crazy idea. a little bit of dispalestinian. walk by the fridge. i want that i pad. if you wait a month, it's not such an emotional decision. most people don't budget at all.
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throughout the time of year, anniversary, wedding. i recommend you have a gifting budget. you are not feeling like, man, i laid out a $500 for the wi-fi 4 gi pad. get more advice by checking out his website. >> coming up next. your sunday garden. for itchy dry skin. try cortizone 10 intensive healing. the strongest itch relief medicine now has three vitamins and seven moisturizers. feel the heal.
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>> good morning. hope your christmas was a gr one. it is time now to think ahead. we are past that one holiday. we have to start thinking new years. >> of course. that involves resolutions. >> i'm with you there. >> i went ash and asked some of the people who work here. cindy is bound and determined to keep up on weeding.
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>> julie says engage her kids in the garden and eating this stuff. >> get them early. >> mia is pruning. i don't ever do it in a timely fashion but it all gets done. >> this is kind of going with the ecology itself and retain all that. >> stacey works here. she pays her kid neighbor to take all the blooms off her plants. she said this year, she is going to do some of it herself. >> staying on top of it. all of us are guilty of buying
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too many plants that never get potted. >> some may go by the way side. >> >> he had these two spotted spider mights and couldn't get rid of them. >> this cold weather will help. i don't have any control of the weather, i just chase it. get a garden in sooner. >> april, may, time to get going. and brenda had a problem with weeds. she's going to get on top of it earlier and learned there are a lot of prevent a tiff techniques.
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i have to get on top of pruning. i never think about that at the right time of the year. >> mine is ralls procrastinate. i'll think about that and work on it. we'll see you next year on your sunday gardener. >> if you have a sunday question, send it to us. the time is now 9:27. a look ahead at our next half hour. >> stay highway operation center is up andfully operational. live with the latest straight ahead. >> i'll take you inside my kitchen with a little holiday
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cooking. that's coming up. >> warnings and advisories are out with snow and wind.
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>> welcome back to 11 news sunday morning. thank you for joining us. >> we've been talking about this approaching storm since last weekend. we thought it wrob bad folks to the west are wandering moving east to the bay. that is different. the amount of snow will drop off rapidly here is the radar in
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close. get gs some snow shower activity. out around denton, frederick'sberg. wruns you get north and east, that's about it. sure looks like it wants to snow. feels like it. in the city. some of you to the east and south are getting some light zphow right now and in some cases, moderate snow. there is a winter weather advisory. west of the i 95. that is a letter amount of snow. slippery driving conditions. winds and visibility problems. primarily from around the corridor to the eastern shore including queen anns.
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considerablely higher snow accumulation. wind driven snow. wind gusting in the 40's. it will be much more of a problem up toward philadelphia and new york and providence and boston. if you have travel plans up in that direction. you might one into some rail problems or with air travel. definitely with road travel. details coming up, stick around. >> as john mentioned, most of our viewing audience is under winter weather advisory. >> the governor to issue the declaration of emergency. we have more.
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cameras around this area are showing roads are ok. the eastern shore is the same story. tell me on the area. that area is getting hit pretty hard. if you are heading east from calm bridge, we've got about 127 inches of snow to the ground. we'll stay on top of it this afternoon. your advice to people as you get close to the eastern shore in that area. coming northward towards the baltimore area. sounds like there are some cancellations. we'll stay on top of it. we did pretreat. crews are salting and plowing in the area. what is going on here at this
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point. >> we are still in a wait and see mode. we've had crews out since 2:00 this morning. >> we have to get out in front of it. clean up could last into tomorrow. we are still ready. >> you are prepared whatever we get? >> absolutely, always. >> we'll state out in the storm monday i centering. clean up continues on the eastern shore. that's the latest from the state operations center. back to you guys. >> you can always track storms down to your very own street using our interactive radar. >> when the severe storm hits, we invite you to share your wentry weather pictures and video with us. go to bal and get up to date
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flight and train cancellations. it is all on the home page of our website. people are engineering up. how to add shine right into 2011. >> here is a look at what is coming up on meet the press. >> christmas weekend was a flurry of activity in washington. major challenges await the president in the new year with palestinians taking over the house. where does the obama feem go from here? white house senior advicor. then taking stock of 2010, looking at the past year and then taking stock of 2010, looking at the past year and what it might
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>> we just got word this the railroad museum has decided not to open today. today the railroad museum will be closed. snow is beginning to cross the bay. just beginning to move in. up around cecil county and seeing more activity around haguerstown. it's been south of town all day today. in baltimore, you may be seeing a flurry or two now not showing
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up on the raid or. it is moving in. let's a lookout side. maybe we can see a couple of snow flakes. it looks zpwrate, feel $like it wants to snow. humidity has fallen off a bit. it is dry. to start with, this would be a fluffy, dry snow. it can get deep. fluffy, dry snow. it can get deep. if it is fluffy, it could be deep and you can blow it away. winds are picking up too and they'll be a real factor this afternoon and tonight.
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the snow is the brightest white here. storm center itself, right in this area. it will be moving northward right across the coast. just enough to throw some snow back to the bay there will be a rather sharp line. from philadelphia northward, it will be nasty later on today and tonight. >> big area of high pressure
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will move in after the storm and be in with us about five days. for the time being, cold white areas are winter storm advisory. the leist amount of slow westward. windy and one, two, three inches of snow. from i 95 east, winter starm warning. wind and higher snow accumulations. maybe in the city five or six inches on the outside. maybe a foot of snow, maybe over a foot of snow. tpwhrizzard conditions in new jersey later. east of us 6-12. west of us 1-6. the further west you go, the
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closer you get to one. winds are light to the north. out around frederick and into the western portions of the baltimore western area. we get to the darker shade here, which puts us in the 32. inch range . that gets us into parts of heart forward county. we go over a foot on the eastern shore and maybe close tore two feet in marts of delaware and up in new jersey. ocean city 12-16 inches. 6er.2 in elkton. 4-8 at annapolis. when the wind kicks in, it will be a wind driven snow.
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before 5:00 this afternoon, the storm will be just off the shore. the latest model is kicking it a little further west right now. here you see the storm center 8 a.m. off cape cod. we are done with the snow by then our forecast. seven days work. you are freezing for the high today and tomorrow. today will be all of the problems especially east and northeast of us. a warming trend through the end of the week. by new yea ne date, we could se some rain. >> want to glamor without buying a whole new outfit. >> a little sparkle goes a long
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way. >> it really does. >> a lot of us will run out to try to find the best dress. let's look at alter4-tives. how about a pair of jeans. they have a great ladies and gentlemener look. thnew >> and nicer than being cold in a skirt. this is the ultimate fit for curvey women. >> i get tons of emails from plus sized women saying i can't do spark el. that's so not true. >> speaking ore. we have so muc
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here. >> aren't they great? >> miami based company. the ones retail for $65. the larger ones are their new yofi bangle, they retail for $125. this is the abs collection the chain and ryan stone c8 lection. >> you have that simple black dress, throw those owind it's done. they retail about $450, $750. they have a harme celebrity f8 lowing. >> or you can just do your nail was spark el. >> stheei g are called finger paints. great colors.
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>> i always say for adding glitter, go with the eyes. this is from the iman colly tion. this is make up forever part of their heavy pletal collection. those two c8 ors are great for the holidays. >> this is hair ton yick. and apais glitter to the a65. and goody hair accessories. this is a bag by iman. this is called sullies. do you see my phone. whur in the clubs and you are
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uyist pumping, you you can have that on. it's great because we want people to be able to call a designated driver. i'm giving some away but you have to go to the twitter post to see what they are. >> don't go away. a special h8 iday bcan'nch is coming up. first maryland's winning lottery lyumbe's winning lottery ntsood luck. for itchy dry skin.
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try cortizone 10 intensive healing. the strongest itch relief medicine now has three vitamins and seven moisturizers. feel the heal.
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>> welcome back. tionsany of us have been fillin on those holiday staples. if you want to try something dand mferent and fun for the ki here is an idea, stuffing with a twist. >> h-8py h8 idays. welcome to my kitchen. we'll be cooking mofon depnch o. it comes from p'trto rico. kind of like stuffing but made from fried plantanes plantanes. 8 ive i have oil, turkey bacon and some help. >> iall gricng to have you moaty
9:51 am
son, max. he likes to be in the kitchen. tionsy other son provided he wo rather provide the back ground music. what you really need is a pilon. >> land mt that up and smow sho everyone. once we cook them, we mash them. >> bl paled and mashed once your ricl is hot enoarmh, then the fun part. really put your muscles into it. >> perhaps the mashing took ray little too much out of my
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assistant. >> he might rejricn me. >> there he is. >> did you take your break? >> i quit. >> did you have enough? >> mashing the plant ains with a tench aspoon of olive oil. >> iall going to fry these up. we are trying them twice. and m you are into healthy eati this might not be the thing for you. >> who cares. thnew >> yummy. this is good. >> iat pgfrom a lrn#p>> 3
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i think i get even dorkier when i cook. >> i quit. he was done. there's more coming up. one last look at the forec
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>> a band running north to south. east of us 6-12. could see as much as 1-2 feet of snow as this storm passes by today and tonight. here's a look at the seven-day forecast. snow today, windy. snow ends overnight and we have a warming trend. >> be careful out there. a warming trend. >> be careful out there. >>
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i miss that guy with all my heart. we shared classes together, we survived the lectures, and we took the tests and we told the jokes. but now i must look at the empty desk with an empty heart, unable to rest. while all the other kids laugh and play, i'll only remember that one day, when my best friend jeff was taken away. i love you, jeff.


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